The Last Leap

Here’s another breaching whale to pique your curiosity — and to hint at more to come. But this one is special, because it’s the very last breaching whale shot I captured on a Sound Eco Adventures trip, on August 28, 2013. The boat and business were sold the following April.

I had been especially looking forward to this wildlife photography trip, which had been booked the prior January by two couples from Sweden. As the summer progressed, I had no small amount of nervous anticipation.  The bad memory of having to cut short a similar trip by four Russians the year before due to bad weather was still fresh in my mind. The weather cooperated just fine, but there was an unfortunate twist when one of the couples had to cancel due to the husband falling ill.

The whale shown here is an immature, and earlier I was able to capture a couple other sequences of both this youngster and its mother. This sequence was the best, all the more interesting for the whale’s high-contrast, black-and-white belly markings and this being the last breaching sequence I would capture as a tour guide.



The End

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