‘Skeeters are downright scary
When they flock in angry swarms,
But here in Alaska,
that’s just the normal norms.

‘Skeeters, those pesky little bugs,
Will drive a person batty
As they buzz like flying thugs.

These bugs are downright evil
When they aim for your nose;
Sure to rile your senses
Upending ones sweet repose.

‘Skeeters, those wee flying beasts,
It’s our very own blood
That they want to eats,
Leaving itching freckles
Upon our skins
Sure proof of
Their awful eating sins.

If only we are patient
Until fall draws near,
Putting an end to
Our buggy insect fear.

Then ‘skeeters will have gone
To their winter insect graves
And our itching will have stopped,
Our peace of mind well saved.

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