Hunkered Down

So here I sit, all hunkered down,

My brow all knit into a frown.

I spy the calendar upon my wall.

I blink out loud and nearly fall.

Good Lord, I think, how can it be?

September’s here, and we’re still not free?

We’re still trapped by this Covid bug,

that nowadays can stop even a hug.

Some folks are angry, and some are sad;

Some even think it’s just a phony fad.

It IS true, that we’ve ALL been bitten,

In one way or another, we’re all smitten.

Maybe not directly — that sneaky little flea —

But sure as words are written,

It has affected you and me.

So now we are a-waiting,

While trusting in the Lord,

For those happy words,

That this bug at last has gone.

When we can be together

In our happy Senior Center,

And chat some happy happenings

When again we’re back together.

2 thoughts on “Hunkered Down

  1. craigspencerharrisongmailcom

    It’s a pain in the ass. I’ve only got a few good years left and now can’t go anywhere.

    Did you read my book?


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