Welcome to Geezerly Musings!

In 2014 I retired as a nature tour guide and boat captain, after 24 years showing people from all over the world the wonders of Prince William Sound.  Before that, I enjoyed an even longer career as an oceanographer and wildlife biologist, working on projects as diverse as plankton ecology and fur seal food habits. It may seem odd that someone with such interesting work would end it early at age 51 to start an uncertain career, but that’s exactly what happened.  Finally selling the tour business (Sound Eco Adventures) after the 2013 season was a big life change.  Being “retired” still seems strange.

With this blog, I aim to share many of the stories and adventures from those amazing years on the Sound.  A common thread will be how I believe the Sound’s creator — the God of the Bible — played a role.  If that gives anyone pause, please rest assured that I won’t be preachy.  Rather, I intend to give examples of what I saw as supernatural help in solving routine problems.  For example, after not having a real marketing plan for many years, from out of the blue I was asked by guidebooks to be written up in their next editions — for free.  Plus, having 100% success since 1999 in finding whales during whale watching trips, and experiencing divine protection in life-threatening seas.  I hope that many of my former clients and others will weigh in by reading these pieces and offering their own comments on their time with me on the Sound.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, an octogenarian, and an Alaskan by choice since 1975.  I moved here from Seattle with my marriage family to begin work as a seabird biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  I’m also the proud father of four grown children, and count two daughters-in-law, three granddaughters-in-law, six grandsons, plus two great-granddaughters and a great-grandson in my immediate family.

I follow local politics, and national and international politics less so.  I hate political labels and find many of the extreme views and actions on both sides of the political spectrum polarizing, and some downright scary.  I may post political commentary.  Added to the mix will will be occasional essays on a variety of topics, plus bits of poetry, some of which will be presented by video.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

– Gerry Sanger
The Musing Geezer

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